April 12, 2024
school cleaning

Cleaning in nursery school

Cleaning in nursery school Learn about the main cleaning tasks that must be carried out in a nursery .

school cleaning


  • Cleaning protocol in nursery school
    • ventilate daily
    • remove the rubbish
    • floor sweeping
    • floor mopping
    • furniture cleaning
    • Glass polishing and cleaning
    • Cleanliness and hygiene in bathrooms
    • Maintenance of patios, gardens, and outdoor spaces
  • Cleaning company in nursery schools, nurseries, and schools

Cleaning in nursery school Learn about the main cleaning tasks that must be carried out in a nursery .

Soon September begins and the little ones return to daycare centers and schools. Now more than ever, cleanliness in a children’s school is vital for the prevention of viruses and other diseases. Perhaps it is one of the most delicate jobs that we offer. Along with the cleaning of health centers and hospitals.

As a general rule, nursery schools usually have schedules from morning to mid-afternoon. So it is most appropriate to carry out these tasks during the hours of the day. When the nursery is not in operation, for example in the afternoon or at night. The cleaning tasks of the center must also be scheduled in advance. That is, maximum and minimum deadlines must be set. The frequency to carry out the cleaning: weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually.

As a cleaning company in Melbourne, we want to talk to you about the protocol

Properly clean and disinfect a nursery or nursery school .

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Cleaning protocol in nursery school

In a nursery it is very important to follow a professional cleaning protocol. Preventing infections among the little ones and the teachers:

Ventilate daily

The first thing that must be done before starting with the cleaning itself. To ventilate all the areas that make up the nursery: classrooms, offices, common areas… In this way, the odors disappear, the air and the charged environment that has been generated are renewed. Remove it during the day.

Remove the rubbish

After ventilation, we must eliminate residues that may be in the classroom: remains of lunches and breakfasts on the tables and the floor, papers…, and remove the rubbish. Once the rubbish has been thrown away, we put the bags back in all the bins.

Floor sweeping

Another of the most important points before proceeding with the scrubbing and disinfection of the floor is to sweep all the spaces of the nursery. It is the step that guarantees the healthiness of the center, since the little ones spend a lot of time playing on the floor and it is recommended that it be in perfect condition.

Floor mopping

For complete disinfection and cleaning, give a good scrub on the floors and of all areas of the nursery room. Always with a solution of water and bleach. We have to carry out this task once sweeping of the floor is through, thus ensuring optimal cleaning.

Furniture cleaning

For a complete disinfection of the infant school , we need to clean all the furniture, both in the classrooms and in the offices: remove the dust from the furniture, tables and chairs; disinfect them with specific products for it; and remove possible stains that may exist.

Glass polishing and cleaning

From time to time it is also advisable to clean the glass and windows, so that more light enters the classroom. To do this, we leave you here an article on cleaning windows where you can get some tips to know how to clean them correctly.

Cleanliness and hygiene in bathrooms

We need extra careful cleaning bathrooms must and disinfected daily, as they are spaces where many pathogens can accumulate. For cleaning, it is best to use chlorinated products.

Maintenance of patios, gardens and outdoor spaces

We must carry maintenance and cleaning in a nursery school out both inside and outside, it is very important that outdoor areas such as patios and gardens are in perfect condition, especially at times when children go outside during breaks. We need to sweep the floors daily to eliminate possible fallen leaves and garbage that may be, empty litter bins, garden maintenance…

Cleaning company in nursery schools, nurseries, and schools

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We hope that you have liked this article. This will help you to know what are the main tasks must carry out when cleaning a nursery school .

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