April 8, 2024
Cleaning service

Young female cleaning service worker in medical mask taking books from shelves to wipe dust

When autumn and winter arrive, they bring a host of respiratory illnesses such as colds and flu. They are caused by viruses and bacteria, which proliferate in closed places, such as factories, offices and living rooms. Therefore, being attentive to cleaning services is essential to keep employees in good health.

These diseases are spread through the air and through physical contact. For example, when a person with the flu sneezes or coughs, they expel small droplets that contain viruses or bacteria. If anyone comes into contact, they might get sick too.

In this way, the cleaning of work environments must be carried out by specialists in the area so as not to compromise the health of employees. How about learning more about it?

See what needs to be cleaned daily in work environments

As much as employees want to leave the environment completely closed and with air conditioning or heating, it is best to dress warmly and keep the windows open so that the air circulates and takes away the micro-organisms.

Viruses and bacteria are transmissible and are deposited on surfaces with which they come into contact. The best way to prevent this from happening is to rely on cleaning services to contribute to the health of employees.

So, daily, you need to clean:

  • desks, reception, and common areas;
  • work equipment (pens, rulers, staplers, printers, folders, keyboards, air conditioning controls, mice and computers);
  • floor;
  • cabinets;
  • handles, doors, and handrails;
  • trash cans (remember that trash bags must be changed every day).

Also, if there are carpets and curtains, they should be washed monthly, because they accumulate a lot of mites and bacteria – this prevents respiratory allergies in more sensitive people.

Pay attention to common areas to take care of the health of employees

Environments such as cafeterias and bars have a very large circulation of people, and contacting food provides a more effective contagion between viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, it is essential to sanitize these environments frequently and leave gel alcohol available to professionals.

It is also necessary to invest in health programs that show respiratory diseases so that everyone understands the real importance of keeping environments clean and ventilated.

Use the best products

Invest in products that clean with better quality, such as disinfectant, bleach, neutral soap, and alcohol. In some environments, baking soda and vinegar may also be used.

In addition, machinery, computer screens, and televisions need specific products.

Outsource cleaning services

By outsourcing your company’s cleaning services, you guarantee practicality, economy, and quality. The professionals are qualified and know how to use the best products for each type of environment.

Another great advantage is that its internal team focuses only on performing its tasks successfully, contributing to the organization’s growth.

Cleaning services and employee health are directly related. The work environment needs to be in perfect conditions to avoid the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, preventing professionals from getting sick and leaving for health reasons.

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