May 30, 2024
moving cleaning

Empty room full of cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

Do you intend to move? Check out moving cleaning tips! When we talk about change, there is no way to ignore the feeling of leaving behind everything that was built in one place to have a better life in another.

Besides thinking about packing clothes, assembling and disassembling furniture, and shipping, special attention must be paid to moving cleaning.

It must take place in two spaces: in the old house and in the new one. The generated mess is big and you need to leave the environment clean in the old house for the next family that will live there. In the same way, the new property needs to be prepared for your installation of yours.

Pre and post-change cleanings have a lot in common! Do you want to know how to leave both houses clean, organized, and fragrant? Come with us and we’ll give you some tips!

Start cleaning from top to bottom

If the property has more than one floor, start cleaning the rooms from top to bottom. After all, it won’t help you to start polishing the garage floor and need to go through it to reach the spaces that are still dirty, do you agree?

If the house has only one floor, choose to start cleaning backward. That is: start with the rooms and follow the order of the rooms until you reach the entrance door. This prevents you from stepping with dirty shoes into an environment that has already been cleaned.

Pay attention to all corners and baseboards

Do you recall the proverbial “putting the dirt under the rug”?  This should never happen, especially with moving cleaning. So pay attention to all the baseboards and corners of the house!

Normally, dirt accumulates in these spaces, which are more susceptible to cobwebs and insect deposits.

Do a heavy cleaning in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the environments that accumulates the most dirt. That’s why it’s important to dust all cupboards (including the top and bottom cupboards), the oven, the microwave, and all drawers and kitchen utensils.

By the way, all kitchen utensils (plates, cutlery, pans, pots) need to be washed when you arrive at the new house because they accumulate dirt very easily.

Also, remember to brush the faucets and disinfect the sink. If possible, give the floors and walls a heavy cleaning — both accumulate a lot of greases.

wash the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main rooms in the house and accumulates a huge amount of germs and bacteria. It is essential to brush it with chlorine-based products; just be careful with the amount because they are toxic that can corrode tissue and skin.

Spray disinfectant in and around the toilet and sink, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush and wipe. Do a heavy cleaning in the bathroom box in order to remove all the remains of shampoo, soap, and other hygiene products.

Dust off everything

Pass a vacuum cleaner in every corner of the house to remove excess dust. Then pass a cloth to remove what the vacuum cleaner couldn’t handle. Be careful with some places that we usually clean daily cleaning. Are they:

  • Remote Control;
  • doorknobs;
  • switches;
  • loose sockets and wires;
  • picture frames;
  • windows and doors;
  • frames and decorative pieces.

With this post, you learned some cleaning tips for your move. What if you weren’t required to care about it, though? It would be great, agree? Then enter our website to learn more about our professional cleaning services. We are here to simplify your life! Contact Us.

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