February 23, 2024
Student Accommodation Adelaide

In the past few years, the trend of getting an education in Australia has increased a lot. A number of cities in Australia are offering superior quality education to international students. One of the cities that can be named in this regard is Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Adelaide provides all types of facilities required by students. Besides, it also offers some wonderful accommodations to overseas students.

Some information about educational institutes and student accommodation in Adelaide can be read below.

Educational Institutes in Adelaide

Adelaide has three public universities, which are the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia. In addition, there is also a private university here, which is Torrens University Australia.

Both these universities provide world-class education to domestic and international students. In fact, the University of Adelaide was ranked among the top 150 universities worldwide. Moreover, it is Australia’s third-oldest university.

On the other hand, the metropolitan area of Adelaide has some TAFE campuses. TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education, which provides a range of vocational education and training.

Student Accommodation in Adelaide

There are many properties where you can find student accommodation Adelaide. In these properties, you find a wide range of amenities per your needs as an international student. Besides, students may find different types of accommodations here, among which they can select as per their choices.
Below, you will read some facts about student accommodation in Adelaide.

Types of Accommodations

In Adelaide, you can find these three types of accommodations easily.

Ensuite Rooms: Ensuite rooms are rooms occupied by a single person. In these rooms, one can find an ensuite bathroom but he/she needs to use a common kitchen. The kitchen is shared by all residents of the house, in which the ensuite room is located. Similarly, the lounge is also shared by all the residents where they can meet each other and befriend each other.

Studios: In studios, students find a self-contained unit with a big space. In the space, they find everything from beds to study areas. The studios usually come available with a small kitchenette or an open kitchen area. They have ensuite bathrooms also.

Apartments: In apartments, students can find one or more bedrooms. Different bedrooms are provided to different students. Students may either find attached bathrooms with their bedrooms or they may have to use the common bathrooms in an apartment, which varies from apartment to apartment. Kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents of an apartment.

Common Features Inside Most of the Units

In most of the units (studios, apartments, and ensuite rooms) in Adelaide, some features are common. First, students get study desks & chairs, which are required by them most for their studies. So, they don’t need to arrange their own.

Besides, there are storage spaces available in most units. You can find wardrobes for keeping clothes. There are also bookshelves available where you can keep your books and notes. Some other types of storage spaces can also be found for keeping different types of assets.

Moreover, Wi-Fi internet connections are also available in the units. So, students can connect the internet to their gadgets without any worries. Heating arrangements or air conditioners or both can also be found in the units in Adelaide.

Study Room

A number of student properties in Adelaide have study rooms. In these rooms, students can pay attention to their studies without any disturbance.


Student properties in Adelaide also have the arrangements for fitness of students. So, if you are a gym goer or want to start going to the gym then you can do it in your student complex. The gyms available in student properties in Adelaide have advanced equipment for workouts.

Games Room

For the fun of students, there are games rooms in many properties. In the games rooms, you can find tables for the games like pool, table tennis, and foosball. So, you can enjoy friendly matches with your co-residents.


You can get entertainment via movies while staying in your student property in Adelaide. It is because you find in-house cinemas in a number of properties.

Yoga and Dance Studio

This is a feature that you can find in a few student properties in this city. You can perform yogic postures, breathing exercises, and meditation in these studios. You can also practice dance here.

Sports Courts

Sports courts for the games like basketball are also available for students in some properties in Adelaide.


The quality education you will find in Adelaide will definitely help you in building a great career in the future. You can complete your studies while living in the comfortable accommodations mentioned above.

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