February 27, 2024
pool clean

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Step by step to keep your pool clean. Chlorine, pH, algaecide, among other products must be used so that the pool does not become a source of diseases for bathers.

The swimming pool is the perfect setting for enjoyable moments of leisure with friends or even a more intimate moment of relaxation. Whatever the occasion, the pool must always be clean, otherwise, it can be a source of disease, and dirt can damage it.

SCS Group prepared 5 tips for you to keep your pool beautiful and clean for your family and friends. Check out!

Keeping an eye on the pH

Checking the pH of the pool water is always important, as this can directly affect the bather’s health, causing, for example, eye and skin irritation. It is recommended that the pH is between 7.0 and 7.4 and this must be measured with a specific kit. If your pool has a low pH, it means that the water is acidic. The solution is to raise the pH (sodium carbonate). But if the pH is high, the water is alkaline. Then apply the pH reduction (muriatic acid or powdered sodium bisulfate).

Don’t forget the algaecide or chlorine

It’s also important to keep an eye out for blue or green algae blooms. They darken the color of the water, in addition to contaminating the pool. The amount of 5 to 7 ml of algaecide is recommended for every 1,000 liters of water. It is important to apply the product after pH correction. Last but not least is chlorine, which helps eliminate disease-causing bacteria and fungi. For every 1000 liters of water apply 4 grams of chlorine. It is worth noting that chlorine can be applied on alternate days, preferably in the late afternoon.

Brush and sieve at hand!

To keep the pool clean longer you will need to use a brush and sieve. Brush the walls and edges as soon as you notice any darkening. With the sieve, it is possible to remove insects and leaves that end up interfering with the efficiency of chlorine. Dirt can also clog the filter.

Beware of Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen and tanning oils makes the pool water dirty. These products leave a layer of fat in the water, which makes treatment even more difficult. In addition, these impurities can cause corrosion and incrustation in the equipment. That’s why the importance of bathing before taking that dip.

Let’s protect the pool

An unprotected pool is more subject to the impurities that the wind brings. The solution is in the covers, which can be protective (canvas) or thermal. The first one just isolates the pool from the external environment. Some have a drainage system that removes the accumulation of water that is deposited on the material. The thermal cover allows you to conserve up to 80% of the temperature. With this, the volume of the pool is maintained, as its technology allows the reduction of evaporation.

To clean your pool safely, SCS Group Integrated Services professionals can guarantee the quality of the water, cleaning filters, tiles, and/or fiber. Some require special treatment, according to the fiber used in construction. Consult a professional cleaning company when taking care of your pool! Weekly service makes your pool free of any impurities.

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